'My playlist consists of retro songs' - Radhika Mukherji

Published on: 28 Dec, 2016

Joining the bandwagon of celebrity wives turning into entrepreneurs, Shaan's wife, Radhika Mukherji, is all set to make it big with her upcoming business venture. In a candid conversation, she speaks her heart out about her favourite singer, songs on her playlist and current music scenario.

Tell us something about Happydemic.
Happydemic is a platform that aims to bridge the gap between an artiste and his audience. We call ourselves live entertainment experts and we believe that a party is not a party if it's not live. We want to bring live entertainment to everyone's doorsteps and remove the myths around live entertainment that it's very elaborate, there's a lot of space that is used, it's too expensive, etc.
How did the idea of starting up a unique platform like this occur?
I have been with Shaan for 20 years now and I have seen him host a lot of reality shows, host them initially and then he moved on to judging them and there was exceptional talent that came on to these platforms. So any reality show has a whole lot of rounds that go in and you have over hundred kids with exceptional talent coming in but finally there's one winner. So the idea behind Happydemic was to actually help the other 99, to bring their talent up, to not let them spiral down because they were as popular as their last season.
How do you think will this platform really help performing artistes?
Happydemic YouTube Chanel promotes their original composition which we want to collect a good bank of and then expose them to different production houses that make movies. These days it's so much easier, I would say, is because none of the Bollywood movies are a one composer sound track. They usually have a whole lot of composers and I think exposing their original compositions becomes easier and even if one song gets picked up, I think it will really go a long way in helping these kids achieve their dream of being a Bollywood playback singer. We have actually built a stage in our office where we have a good inventory of musical equipments. We have artistes walking in and out, taking equipments from us, coming for our classes, taking our help on digital.
Being associated with the music industry via Shaan for such a long time... what do you think about the current music scenario?
These days you've got multiple composers composing for the same soundtrack. So I don't really see the thread in what you would say a sound of an album. Apart from that, I think the music scene is experimental; it's a hit-and-miss these days. Just a trend these days is pulled on for a bit and once you're kind of tired of hearing it, a new trend starts. It's a strange experimental kind of scenario that is going on, but one that has caught my attention is that there are different sounds that have come in which is very interesting, sounds that we didn't hear before. Personally, I do not prefer the current era but the one that was probably more active with Udit ji, Abhijeet da, Alka Yagnik ji. I definitely love the retro period, I mean there's nobody who can replace Kishore da and Mukesh ji and Rafi Sahaab, Lata ji and Asha ji are living legends.
Who is your favourite singer apart from Shaan?
Apart from Shaan, has to be Sonu. Sonu is not just my favourite singer; he's also one of my favourite people.
What kind of music do you prefer personally?
My playlist usually consists of all retro songs. I love Kishore da's voice. And I honestly think that Shaan has a very close texture to Kishore da's voice, that's why I love the way Shaan sings. I love songs that are written by Gulzaar ji.

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