10 New Age Musical Instruments

Published on: 07 Apr, 2017

Image Credits: Pixabay.com

I often think in music, I live my day dreams in music. ~ Albert Einstein.

These wise words by a wise man highlight the profound impact that music has on the human mind and soul. The oscillating tones of music symbolize the changes that this universal art is undergoing with the advent of technology. Today, futuristic music lies at the cusp of science and arts- a medley of both these worlds creates the musical charms of tomorrow. Here are ten such modern instruments that will redefine the music of tomorrow:

  1. Eigenharp:
    A beautiful blend of keys and percussion is the basis of this technological marvel. It comes equipped with digital sound samples, allowing the music lover to create a wide range of sounds, similar to a band. Also, its advanced sound-management capabilities such as recording, playing and looping allow for some great music-making!

Image credits: Pinterest.com

  1. Electric violin:
    It’s time for the electric guitar to move over; its cousin, the electric violin is capable of many more musical wonders. An electric pick along with electronic-processing functionality helps create any sound- it can even mimic an electric guitar.

  1. KBow:
    A smart bow which has embedded sensors, it works on motion sensing to detect movement speeds, direction, tilt angle and other parameters to produce the desired sound. Gesture-control is a boon that opens an entirely new world of out of the box musical-synthesis in this modern string instrument.

  1. Reactable:
    This is a modular synthesizer that combines physical and digital interfaces. The player can drag or rotate blocks on a table-top and make music. It comes with multi-touch functionalities so that up to four players can collaborate and shape different desired sounds together.

  1. BeatBearing: This is an electronic musical instrument that composes different beats, the user picks up bearings and places them into different slots. The instrument designer, Peter Bennett has published a plan on DIY-site MakeZine to distribute a tutorial and help others to make their own designs.
Image credits: Beatbearing.co.uk

  1. Teneri-On: A touch-responsive 16 x 16 LED matrix of lights responds to real-time programming to create sound compositions. The user is expected to press down the LED lights, thereby creating sounds and loops. Collaborative song-writing is now possible, since the Teneri-On can be synced with other devices.

Image credits: Audiofanzine.com

  1. Continuum Keyboard: Ever heard of a musical instrument that “tracks” your finger coordinates in space? Well, a digital keyboard- Continuum is here, and musicians can now digitally ‘pluck’ it to produce sound. Versatile to the core, it can track up to 16 fingers, and can also imitate acoustic sounds.

Image credits: Wikimedia.org

  1. Square Band: This is a blend of a wearable gadget and a musical instrument. The square wave synthesizer can be strapped onto the wrist, and operates on solar panels and a light sensor. Controlled by arm movement and sunlight, this brilliant device can be tugged along on the wrist, allowing the user to break into a musical reverie anytime.

  1. Holophone: The Holophone is the first generation of hologram musical instruments. It provides a music-creating visual 3-D hologram that communicates with the musician. The musician needs to wear special hologram glasses to view his or her composition.
  1. Hapi Drum: Does the boom of drums enthuse you? Here’s a key-based drum- the Hapi. The musician operates the ‘keys’, each key produces a note that is synchronized with other compatible musical notes. The user can control the amount of noise emanating from the instrument.
As musical instruments are evolving, so are musicians. Melody creators today are expected to be technology savvy and quite ‘in tune’ with the new age musical marvels. In fact, many of these are being used in concerts, giving musical creation a new meaning.