Music: A Gift That Transcends All Emotions

Published on: 07 Apr, 2017

Music has the power to make profound changes, in dimensions that go beyond the scope of your mind, mood, and health. We believe in the power of music. We believe that it can influence the world and create waves of joy. The ripples of warmth and love that melody exudes can influence our listeners to interpret and feel positive about the world.

It is impossible to put into words the impact that music has on our lives. Nothing compares to its power and the emotions, emotions that can be conveyed by simply stringing along a few words attuned to perfection. So we’ve tried to put together a list to remind you how a musical message undoubtedly has the most undeterred impact on mankind!

• Music is always a favourite: Everyone loves it.

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Have you heard anyone say they don’t like music? We didn’t think so. Age, gender, race - there are no bars when it comes to the power of a favourite tune. People around the world know their music, appreciate it, and memorize every line of every song. Doesn’t this say something? It just goes to show what a massive impact messages shared through the medium of music can have. It’s a fool-proof way to convey emotions; a sure shot route to express love. Music has the power to rise above all and lead the way to happiness.

• The universal language of love:

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Friends, lovers, siblings - we all have that one song that we call “Our song”. When you’re carrying on with your routine life and you hear it play, you stop, smile and relive all the memories that the tune brings with it. You call your boyfriend and put him on speaker just so you can both share this moment of happiness again! One tune, one hum, one song can transform your day from bad to bright because it takes you back to sunny memories and smiling moments- which is why we say that music is the most emotive gift for the world’s most intense feeling-love.

• When words fade, MUSIC speaks:

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You remember that time you wanted to tell your mother that you miss her so very much? There weren’t enough words in the world to express how you craved her love, and while you sat on your hostel bed reminiscing her caring touch, the song “Maa” from Taare Zameen Par played. In an instant, it moved your heart and took it beyond the realm of reality. You instantly dialed your mother so that she could know how much you missed her. The right song at the right moment more than makes up for the need of words - music is the only emotion you need to express yourself.

• Music – An instant smile:

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Imagine a scenario where you are stressed out, unhappy, or simply bored. You hear a song you love on the radio or maybe it bursts out loud on a set of speakers nearby and in an instant, a smile spreads across your face. This is just what music can do, it can change your mood in an instant and make you feel like everything a-OK! All through the power of some relatable lyrics and melodious chords.

Music can act as a medium to help spread joy or make a special moment even more unique. It can be used to bring about a social change or simply to bring a smile to someone’s face. Live performances, such as the ones we provide at Happydemic, are aimed at bringing that instant smile to the listener’s face, it’s all about the blissful and serene atmosphere music can create.

Music has the power to put across a message with a lasting impact. On any occasion, a musical message is the undoubtedly one of the best ways to communicate what you want to say and make someone feel special. Happydemic’s SongStruck aims to do just that, providing you with a special way to convey a message as an innovative gifting idea – using the power of melody.