A Tribute to Pop Classics of our Age

Published on: 22 Apr, 2017

The 90s era was a great time to be a kid. It was the era when we, as kids, began to get the best of western media. Names such as Aqua, Vengaboys and Enrique Iglesias topped the charts. Their peppy songs were played on every occasion, from birthday parties to school events. If you were one of the fortunate ones to have grown up during the 90s, you are bound to have a special relationship with pop music. Even today, listening to a song from your childhood can instantly make you nostalgic and transcend you back to the good old days. It’s time to take a trip down memory lane. Without further ado, here’s a list of songs that made your childhood epic:

1.“To Brazil!” - Vengaboys: Released in 1999 by a Dutch group, this song was a tropical, fast-paced track with catchy beats. Even today, it is often revived during FIFA World Cup tournaments. The group went on to release many lovable songs such as “Boom boom boom” and “We’re going to Ibiza”.

2. “Coco Jamboo” - Mr. President: A fusion of hip-hop and reggae, this song was a party favourite. It was the only chart topper for the group but is still fondly remembered by listeners today, partly because of its catchy tune and laidback feel. Its lyrics didn’t make much sense but were a joy to sign along to.

3. “Whenever, Wherever” - Shakira: This was the Colombian singer’s first English track and the foundation of her future stardom. It was a blend of Latin music and world beats. The music video was inspired by western films and featured horses, waves and lots of hypnotic hip-shaking. The memorable video played a key role in the song’s success.

4. “I Want It That Way” - Backstreet Boys: Every 90s kid has gone through a Backstreet Boys phase at some point in their life. The iconic group had many memorable hits back in the day such as “Everybody” and “Quit Playing Games”, but this signature ballad marked the true turning point for the group. The Spanish guitar tune and cheesy lyrics summed up 90s pop music at its best.

5. “Asereje” - Las Ketchup: A Spanish rap song which was commonly termed as “The Ketchup Song”, this song went viral in 2002. Its lyrics were truly a challenge and were often misquoted by the fans, but that didn’t stop listeners from singing along. Many fans don’t know that the song talked about a gypsy with mythical abilities.

6. “Barbie Girl” - Aqua: An all-time favourite of every girl growing up in the 90s. The song focused on the relationship between famous Mattel dolls Barbie and Ken. It was another one of those famous dance tracks you could hear at birthday parties. Aqua also sang another 90s favourite, “Doctor Jones”.

7. “One Love” - Blue: The famous boy-band’s hit song from 2002 was a huge success in the UK and the US. It’s inspirational lyrics and upbeat music made it an instant favourite for many pop lovers. Its popularity inspired an Indian adaptation sung by the popular singer Shaan.

8. “All the Small Things” - Blink 182: A punk rock track that became famous for its parody music video which made fun of artists such as Backstreet Boys, N-Sync and Britney Spears. It acted as a transition song for many of its young listeners, introducing them to rock music’s electric guitars riffs.

9. “Tubthumping” - Chumbawamba: The British rock band released the iconic song in 1997. The term "tubthumper" refers to a politician seeming to "jump on the bandwagon" with a populist idea. Unlike what the term suggests, the song itself was highly upbeat and peppy.

10.“Hakuna Matata” - The Lion King: What a wonderful phrase! The famous song from Disney’s “The Lion King” was written by Elton John. In the film, the song is sung by the characters Timon and Pumba and is addressed to Simba. The message of the song is to take things easy in life and be free of worries and just generally be happy, a motto we swear by here at Happydemic.