Happy Millennials = Happy Customers = Happy Business

Published on: 29 Aug, 2017

Understanding today’s generation, the ‘millennials’ as we refer to them, has been a challenge for most organizations! Yes, their attention spans are short, they have little patience, they multitask in a big way & their attitude is very casual. But they are the future & if engaged correctly, can be an amazing asset for any organization. 

Nurturing and retaining talent is extremely important for any organization, and with the millennials coming around, the work environment seems to be changing. Here is how some thought leaders are redesigning their work culture with EQ!

  1. The ‘Happy’ culture:

    For millennials it’s not just about the salary package anymore. Their personal and professional growth & the work environment plays an equally important part in this decision. Research states that millennials would take a $7,600 paycut for a new job.

    Attracting the best talent is critical to every HR leader. Culture is not just about having a swanky office with goodies but it is about creating an empowering workplace where each team member feels like an owner (where they are not just doing a job but building their career, taking on challenges and growing as professionals).

    The reality is that on a typical Sunday evening, most people dread thinking about going to work on a Monday morning. So the point is how do you really make Monday’s a Happy Space and something that people look forward to going to even on a Sunday evening.

    A chemical company that we work with has implemented “Thank God It’s Monday” (TGIM), where people start their Monday mornings or end their evening with Live Music and Jamming Sessions. An innovative digital agency celebrates with ‘Dholwalas’ in office every time a team member completes five years. Often it is seen that firms have a party when employees leave an organization whereas this Financial Institution has a Musical Welcome and Celebration every time a team member joins the firm. Now these might be very small things to some people but they help build an amazing culture and the benefits are seen in the form of increase in productivity, employees feeling a sense of ownership and attract better talent.

  2. Communication & Networking:

    Are you observing a distinct communication gap between the senior management and the millennials? This generation does not like the formal mode of communication, they like it better when the setting is informal.
    A FMCG company has executed ‘Sketch a Song’ and some interesting musical interventions as a part of their induction process. The bonds that were developed during these interventions were simply astounding. Another organization is building “Music Jamming Teams” from different departments as a way to help people network and communicate with each other in an informal setting. Again the results have been stunning and this is going to be regular feature at this company.

  3. Multi-tasking:

    Every coin has two sides. Instead of saying millennials can’t focus on just one thing, use multi- tasking to your advantage. Extend their profile so that their day does not become monotonous and see how they shine! Not only will they over deliver, they will soon ask for more! Here is an interesting article on how multi-tasking is rewiring our brain.

  4. Hobbies and interests:

    Millenials want to be defined by their passions and dreams, not their careers. This generation has parallel dreams. They may be exceptional at their job but their dream would be to become a Rockstar someday! Show them that you care about their creative skill set.

    One of the top cement and construction company in India organized an “Internal Talent Hunt” for their team and their family members to encourage them to show case their talent. This was so well received that people from all over the country participated and bonded for several weeks while working overtime. This helped the organization discover phenomenal talent, helped people follow their passion, and finally people loved their HR team for this super opportunity. This was executed at a very economical budget but the content, process, scale and execution was that of a Reality Music Show.

Millennials are an amazing power house of talent & skills, so it’s time we start recognising their strengths and create an environment in which they thrive.

As the wise quote says “It’s not about speaking in Language, it’s about speaking in Culture.”

We would love to discuss how we can create an environment that millennials thrive in. Do write to us at disha.parekh@happydemic.com