5 reasons why you should have thought of a music strategy yesterday…

Published on: 01 Sep, 2017

Sensory Marketing is perceived to be one of the most powerful tools in Marketing. Yes, smelling coffee tempts you to consume & the smell of chocolate makes you want that cupcake.
But music has the power to not only influence the purchase, but also to change the mood. A recent study from Nielsen looked at effectiveness of more than 600 television advertisements, more than 500 of which included music. The research indicated that commercials with some form of music performed better across four key metrics—creativity, empathy, emotive power, and information power—than those that didn’t.

Brands are starting to see that leveraging music in marketing is an authentic way into consumers hearts through their ears. Music moves our soul, there is no denying it. Here are 5 reasons why your brand needs a music strategy now:

  1. The Millennial Generation:

    Millennials are one of the most studied, yet perplexing generations. Millennials are both picky and promiscuous with their shopping habits, and it’s difficult to influence them via traditional advertising, as they largely seek word-of-mouth influence in their purchasing decisions. The key to tapping this demographic, however, is a medium deeply connected to the millennial condition: music.Countless studies talk about the influence of music on this generation. If millennials are a core target of your companies marketing strategies, your brand must consider leveraging music as a connection medium.

    Taking this into account, Helwett-Packard is launching HP lounge, a music streaming service which will be available for free to consumers who purchase a brand new HP computer. With this new offer, HP is certainly making music the forefront of the attraction, with music being emotive and cultural this offer should leave a lasting imprint on consumers.

  2. The Art of Storytelling:

    We are well aware that customers buy an emotion associated with a brand, not just a product. Storytelling becomes an important part of developing that emotion.  But which story is complete without the right music? 

    A great example is the famous Cadbury Silk Song – Kiss me. It brings out the perfect messaging to drive the one thing that people frowned upon – messy eating. We all know that chocolates tastes best when its messy, thanks to Silk, people actually started eating melted chocolate openly! Plus, when you listen to the song don’t you crave for some Silk?

  3. Community Building:

    Community-building is a growing part of marketing today. Music lovers is a community in itself. People with the same choice of music have an instant connection. Now, it’s time that brands start keeping ‘Music Preferences’ as a key element in defining the ideal consumer and develop a music engagement strategy. Through a community, the goal is not to expose consumers to a product but to create a vibe where the consumers are interacting with the brand.

    The Diageo Vodka Brand ‘Smirnoff’ used the #PowerOfMusic beautifully by collaborating with icons from the world of dance music to launch a new product called Smirnoff Electric.
    This launch will be celebrated with a global music collaboration called #WhatWeBring where they have collaborated with the popular musicians Keisza and Djembe, making their song “Give it to the movement” the theme music for the #WhatWeBring Campaign globally.

  4. All – day activity:

    With a clutter of advertisements in the digital universe, brands are now re-thinking their positioning to be a part of the content on the platform rather than advertising for it. Music streaming platforms like Apple, Wynk, Gaana, Saavn etc. are making it easier for customers to choose from a variety of content on the go. Smart brands are now working on co-creating IPs with artistes & labels to achieve top of mind recall. Brands are now launching channels on Saavn to engage with their TG at a deeper level.

    Saavn teamed up with Maruti Suzuki, an automobile company, to launch ‘Nexa Music Lounge’, a unique music experience designed to bring people together based on a common passion for international music. Since consumers are tuned into their phones & playlists all day, this becomes a perfect opportunity for brands to engage with them throughout the day.

  5. Form lasting relationships:

    Psychologists state that music helps strengthen social bonds. World-class brands like Nescafe & Coke have already started using music to for deeper relationships with their customers. Nescafe Basement & Coke Studio are perfect examples of creating some fabulous content and promoting it through YouTube.

    The ground- breaking campaign Coke Studio now is an asset with great potential in the future, with more than 100 million views on its YouTube channel, 48% international viewership and more than 4 million Facebook fans
    From 2014 to 2017, visionary corporates have exploited successful music partnerships & strategies through on-ground and digital musical properties. But now, brands are moving towards personalizing customer experiences. 
    A visionary brand was looking to develop a personal connect with their key HNI clients. They used SongStruck – a 20 minute live unplugged performance at one’s doorstep and saw fabulous results!

    Let me end this with one of my favourite quote by Ralph Marston ‘What you do today can improve your tomorrow.’

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