5 unique ways of celebrating Diwali in office this year!

Published on: 14 Sep, 2017

Diwali, the festival that makes all of us feel the celebration in the air! Right from office celebrations to family get togethers, isn’t everything about Diwali incredibly exciting?

This year, surprise your team by adding an extra spark to your office celebration. Here are some amazing ideas we’ve thought of!

  1. Bollywood Pataka
    Every celebration is incomplete without some dance. And nothing says dancebetter than Bollywood Music with Dhol. Combine the two and you have our special ‘Bollywood Pataka’ to celebrate Diwali the way it’s supposed to be celebrated – Music, Masti and More! Be it 50 or 500 people, this is a perfect fit for any size & any office.
  1. Guess-a-Gaana
    This Diwali, shoot two bullets with just one gun. Infuse team games with the Diwali celebration and increase team bonding! This is a game with 4-5 interesting rounds where the objective of each round is to guess the correct song and sing it with your team members.If you are looking at a unique idea for 50 to 100 people this one’s amazing – very interactive and lots of fun!
  1. Mein Hoon Kaun
    Ideal for 50 – 75 people, this is the idea for you if you’re looking for people screaming, yelling and having a blast! Certain team members will have a celebrity musician’s name stuck to their forehead. His respective team has to give him/her clues about the celebrity musician and the person has to guess the celebrity. Once that’s done, Happydemic artistes will perform the song of that celebrity live.
  1. The SongStruck Experience
    This Diwali, gift your team members #TheSweetestGift - a SongStruck! We’ll curate the perfect unplugged performance for them to kickstart their Diwali in the most emotive way! P.S: You can also tell us the one song you want to dedicate to them and we’ll ensure it’s a part of the performance. Now this is one gift your team will definitely remember forever.
  1. Celebrate EVERYONE
    Since Diwali is all about celebrations, why not celebrate small achievements through music. Has your colleague just delivered an excellent sales pitch? Or do you appreciate your IT department for ensuring that your computer is always backed up so that you do not loose your data? Give your colleague a reason to celebrate with a live song. Give us the reason & the song, and our singer will dedicate it to the person live!

Our artistes would love to make this Diwali special for you & your team members! Tell us the idea you love, and we’ll take care of the rest. Write to us on disha.parekh@happydemic.com and we’ll get in touch with you.