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Our Story

Our Story

"There comes a point in your life when you need to stop reading other people's books and write your own." - Albert Einstein

AUGUST 30, 2015

The stage was set, the cameras rolled, ACTION. This was the Grand Finale of the 1st season of The Voice India. All the participants stood on stage with their Mentor/Coach. Hearts pounding, holding on tightly to each other, some with trembling feet, some with crossed fingers.

I stood, at the far end of the shooting floor, a silent prayer on my lips, as I so badly wanted my husband’s team to win.

… 3 … 2 … 1 and the winner is Pawandeep Rajan from Team Shaan… The pyros went off, the thank you speech, the usual media frenzy.



Pawandeep Rajan… “Where are you from?” asks the host of the show. Pawan, whose nervousness can be felt even through the TV in everyone’s living room, softly replies “from a small village in Uttarakhand called Champawat”.

Pawan goes on stage, and the track starts, his voice starts to quiver, his tension rises, as he waits for just one judge to hit the buzzer and turn that big red chair that reads ‘I WANT YOU’. Just a few seconds left before his track is over, BUZZ… Shaan hits the buzzer. A second later, Mika hits the buzzer as well. Pawan shines through his fear.

Tables have turned; Pawan has to choose between the two coaches who are trying to win him over. He chooses Coach Shaan.

AUGUST 30, 2015
As the media is surrounding Pawan, Shaan excuses himself, takes me by my hand, and we go to his green room. Shaan is extremely proud and happy, almost like the time when Soham (our elder son) won his first race or Shubh (our younger son) recorded his first jingle and he should be.

I’ve seen him spend countless hours coaching his team. He would be present at every rehearsal and technical sound checks. His WhatsApp: Team Shaan group was always active (and still is). I tell him that he should be out there; it’s his victory too. He looks at me, eyes a bit moist and says… It’s Pawan’s moment… let him soak and beam in it. I’m just thankful that I was a gust of wind beneath his wings.

From that day to now, Pawan has become a part of our family. He keeps telling me how Shaan Sir’s trust with that ‘beep’ of the buzzer changed his life!

Why am I telling you this?

Cause those lines are the very foundation of what we have so passionately built.


Happydemic may just be a website, a platform, an app or a medium for a lot of people, but for us, Happydemic is our heart and soul. We, at Team Happydemic want to be that gust of wind, that sound of the buzzer for all the Artists out there. We like to see that sweet nervous energy of our artist turn into an Electric Live Wire and create happy and lifelong memorable experiences for people all over the world. I am still not done and I must tell you why the name “Happydemic” Brainstorming one late afternoon, Amar, Lokesh and myself were around the table, which was full up with coffee cups, laptops, papers, pens and more cups. We were constantly writing, approving then disapproving names for our new venture.

In walks Shaan, he ranks away the clutter, and ask us a very simple question?

What experience does your venture promise to give its artists and customers?

Amar, who is always on a HAPPINESS CRUISE replies… “Happiness, by making a meaningful difference in the lives of artists and customers”. ~ Happiness, An Epidemic of it!

HAPPYDEMIC” replies Shaan.

We couldn’t agree more, thus Amar’s thought became our Vision and Happydemic our identity.

…And we set on an ambitious vision

“Spread happiness globally by making a meaningful difference in the lives of artists and customers”.

We are counting on your blessings, wishes and support to help Happydemic make a real difference.

Thank you.    

Radhika Mukherji 

Co-Founder & CEO