Brand Essence

Helping your brand forge a strong emotional bond with your customers leads to improved business performance and deeper customer engagement. We help embed your brand with a strong musical engagement strategy combined with other branding efforts to create a consistent image in your clients' mind about who you are, what you do and what you stand for.

Brands matter. And music for
brand growth matters even more.

Case Studies

Context/ Problem

ACC Cements Limited was launching a new product ACC Gold and wanted to do so in an innovative manner


Happydemic team proposed to use SongStruck to reach out select dealers and introduce the product with a musical experience.


i) Dealers enjoyed music as a medium of communication. In Ranchi 100% of the experiences received Very good & Excellent Ratings. In Patna 93% of the experiences received Very good & Excellent Ratings.
ii) The dealers saw the novelty value in such experiences and were highly engaged leaving many of them wanting more.
iii) One of the dealers placed an order of 210 ACC Gold bags instantly.
iv) This helped ACC stand out in their activation leading to higher retention and recall value for the brand.
v) Music helped emotionally connect with the POCs in turn bettering relationships.


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