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Music an aid to Corporate Visionaries

Employee engagement, boosting motivation, improving sales, enhancing brand recall, music can help you achieve all of it.


23 Jul 2022

Role of Music in Distribution and Sales

Top-of-mind doesn’t always mean sale… Top-of-heart does!
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17 Jun 2022

The Game Changer in Corporate Engagement

Emotional engagement is the one that builds long term relationships. And Music is the strongest tool to establish an emotional


24 May 2022

Music – The feel that heals!

Pari, a creative professional sits by the window, as her senses bathe in the soulful musical fusion of the rain showers and he


01 Apr 2022

Back to office – Blog

Get back in office. Get back in rhythm!

It was a relaxed Sunday evening. I sat at my favourite plac


30 Mar 2022

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