SongStruck, Gifting ka naya tarika

Your personal concert, at home!

Presenting a diverse line up of artists who will entertain you via a video call, in the comfort of your home and make every moment or occasion special.

Your personal concert, at home

Enjoy 20 minutes of blissful music with SongStruck
Presenting a diverse line up of artists who will entertain you via a video call, in the comfort of your home and make every moment or occasion special.

A couple of occasions when you can gift a
SongStruck to your special ones




Get Well Soon



and any other occasion that you would love to celebrate...

How does this work, you ask?
It is the simplest Just 3 easy steps!

SongStruck via video call
anywhere in the world:
$45 $40

  • Step 1: Book a performance. Get a confirmation email.

  • Step 2: A Happydemic personnel will get in touch with you. You can brief us about your request and then sit back and relax!

  • (Happydemic will choose the artist that can bring this entire
    experience together and make it an unforgettable memory!)

  • Step 3: On the day of the surprise, we'll connect with you
    on the video call, and our artist will perform for 20 mins and
    sweep your dear ones off their feet with melodies that will
    bring you closer, no matter the distance.

  • Ideal for an audience of 6-7 people.

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What is SongStruck?

SongStruck is a 20 mins hyper-personalised, unplugged, musical experience gifted to your loved ones at home or via video call.

What kind of artists will be performing?

Our artists are professional singers and are vetted by our panel of experts.

How many artists will perform for us?

It will either be 1 singer with a guitar or 1 singer and 1 guitarist.

How do you decide which artist will perform for my occasion?

Artists have different voice qualities & textures. We understand your requirements and select a suitable artist for your occasion.

Can I select the artist for my performance?

All our artists are professional singers and are adept at delivering the experience and making the day/occasion special for you and your loved ones. Happydemic will pick an artist best suited to your requirement.

Can you tell me who the artist is before the performance?

SongStruck is about creating a happy, memorable experience regardless of which artist is performing. Hence, sharing artist details is not a feature we offer.

Can I get the name and number to coordinate with the artist?

You can reach our customer service executive on +91 81047 38049 for any coordination or assistance regarding the performance.

Will the singer be a male or a female? Do I have an option of choosing what I want?

Choosing the gender of the singer is not a feature of SongStruck. However, you can mention why you need a specific gender in the info section of the form you receive post your booking, we will try our best to accommodate the request.

I have a specific song that I want the artist to sing during SongStruck. Is that possible?

Once you make a booking, we will send you a form wherein you can give us your requests. Alternatively, you can share the name of the song with the Happydemic personnel who will get in touch with you post the booking. We will try our best to accommodate the request, our artists know most of the popular songs.

What languages can the artists sing in?

Typically SongStruck is delivered in Bollywood or English songs. We have an array of artists who are multilingual and can deliver in regional Indian languages as well. If you have a specific request of any such Indian languages, we will be happy to accommodate the same.

I want the artist to deliver a small message before the performance. Is that possible?

Our artists can definitely say 1-2 lines before starting the performance. Do drop the message in the info section once your booking is done.

What if I want the performance to be longer than 20 minutes?

SongStruck is an intimate 20 mins performance. In case you are looking for a longer performance, you can call us on +91 81047 38049 to discuss your requirement. We will be happy to design a customized performance.

I am not able to book SongStruck on the date I want. What do I do?

One can book online only 48 hours before the performance. In the case of an urgent booking, please call us on +91 81047 38049 and we'll try our best to deliver!

I am not able to book, can you please help me?

Yes, we are always here for you! Call us on +91 81047 38049 and our Happydemic personnel will guide you.

What if I want to change the time/date?

We understand that sometimes the location & the time can change post booking. We can accommodate as long as we are informed about the same 24 hours before the performance time.

Please click here and refer to our terms and conditions for further details on this.

Does the artist perform based on requests or his/her own selection of songs?

The artist prepares a list of songs based on the details shared by you. They will try and cater to requests received on the spot, to the best of their capacity.

Do you only have SongStruck or do you offer other products too?

We offer a basket of concepts. For more details contact us at

What if the artist does not reach on time?

Our artists are very punctual. Also, we are in touch with them on the day of the occasion and will ensure that they reach on time. If you still need assistance you can reach our Happydemic personnel.

Do I need a sound system for a SongStruck?

No, SongStruck does not need a sound set-up. It is a live unplugged performance. Please do not arrange a sound system.

How many people can be present to enjoy the performance?

SongStruck is a personalised concept to be enjoyed by you and close family members. We would request you to keep the number of people to 15-20.

Can the artist carry a cake and flowers?

No, our artists will not be able to carry a cake & flowers.

Will the artist be from India?

Happydemic has an array of artists from India on board with us. As per your requirement, we will choose the artist that best suits your occasion.

How many people can I have on the call to enjoy the performance?

SongStruck is a digital concert to be enjoyed by your family members. We would request you to keep the number of people to 6-7.

What platform will this performance be delivered on?

SongStruck is typically delivered through a Whatsapp video call or a Zoom call. Happydemic personnel will share the Zoom meeting link with you on the day of the surprise. You can share the link with your family and friends.

For enquiry reach us at
+91 81047 38049