These terms need to be read in additions to and as a part of the Terms and Conditions of signed by the Artist and the Customer. All definition on this page have the same meaning as the agreed Terms and Conditions for the Customers/User and Artists.

General Code of Conduct

  1. This Code of Conduct is designed to provide guidance to you as to the standard of mien Artist and Customers are expected to meet when Artists is engaged by the Customer to present, host, anchor or perform in programs, events or any other productions.
  2. This Code of Conduct is not designed to supersede any other applicable legal or regulatory requirement, or contractual agreement entered into by you with the Company. By accepting the Terms & Conditions, you are accepting an obligation of self- discipline over and above those prescribed by law and relevant regulation.
  3. Artists are expected to adhere to standards of personal and professional behavior that reflect positively on the Company by reviewing your own standard of conduct in light of the principles, guidance, and ethical values encoded herein. You shall not do any act which may bring yourself or the Company any disrepute or offend any community or public morals.

Additional Rules

A] For the Artist

In addition to the above you are required to abide by our principles and values:


  1. You are expected to honor all laws, regulations, and contractual obligations and refrain from indulging in any acts which are outside the parameters of laws which may be in force in India including, but not limited to, the Indian Penal Code, 1980, the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985, the Copyrights Act, 1957.
  2. You are expected not to upload any content on the Platform which is in violation of the laws in India including, but not limited to, the Indian Penal Code, 1980, the Information Technology Act, 2000, the Copyrights Act, 1957.
  3. You are also required to respect the intellectual property rights of other Artists and refrain from knowingly misusing or violating their rights.


  1. You will be expected to report for your duties at the location as per the Booking requirements, and understand that your services may require you to work at irregular hours, including weekends, holidays, and outside of regular business hours.
  2. You shall at all times be accountable for your actions while at work or outside, during your engagements with the Company or otherwise, and particularly for any inappropriate behavior in a personal capacity that would call into question your professional suitability.
  3. You are also accountable and responsible for the quality of your Performances and are subject to a continuing obligation to strive to maintain and improve performance levels, and in this regard you must take all steps to engage in training, seeking assistance, disclosing personal difficulties in complying with your professional obligations due to ill health, and respecting the opinions of colleagues and collaborators.
  4. You shall be held accountable for any acts of misfeance during performance, and take active responsibility for any action or decision that has tarnished the goodwill, reputation or standing of the Company.


  1. Respect for the Users of the Platform, fellow Artists, and communities is one of the cornerstones of The Company’s policies. You shall strive to foster an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect, by treating staff, employees, and colleagues of the Company with respect, and value each person’s diversity and individuality, while respecting their privacy.

Meeting Customer Needs

  1. You shall render your Performance to the best of your skill and ability and in a competent, diligent, professional manner and must at all times be willing to co- operate with others involved in Performances.
  2. You shall report on time for your, Performances, or services which may be at Users chosen premises. The timely manner of Performance is of the essence to the Company’s service conditions.
  3. You shall make yourself available at all times to attend work in relation to advertisements, promotions, corporate parties, or events in relation to the promotions.
  4. You shall at all times endeavor to exhibit a performance of first class quality as required by a performer of your stature.
  5. You shall always be presentable and in a condition fit to render your services at any location or at any time.
  6. You shall be under an obligation when engaging with a customer to treat them courteously and in a professional manner, and use your judgment in respect of your general demeanor and choice of language so as to create an atmosphere conducive to rendering your services in your performance, or public appearance, or appearance in an Advertisement You are expected to abstain from any disclosing any of the private information pertaining to the customers that you are privy to and exercising any abuse of your access to their private property during performances, promotional events, or meetings.

Ethical Obligations

  1. During performances, you shall not employ obscene language or gestures, make defamatory or derogatory statements concerning any event or person which could perceivably bring disrepute to the name/ or goodwill of the Company.
  2. You shall also at all times be aware of the cultural impact of your performances on communities and societies, and strive to refrain from performing any work that has the effect of discriminating against a sub- section of society or person based on race, religion, skin colour, sexual orientation, or any other personal characteristics.
  3. The Company shall exercise a zero- tolerance policy in respect of any personal conduct exhibited by you which could include, inter alia, abuse of drugs or alcohol, violent acts towards any person, abusive language, racial slur, or intentional damage to property or equipment.
  4. In maintaining digital professional accounts and in updating statuses, posting comments, uploading pictures, comments and tweets sent to you, you shall refrain from uploading defamatory, derogatory, abusive, or obscene content that could hamper the brand image of The Company, offend public morals, or bring disrepute to yourself, and the Company.
B] For the Customer

Work Environment

  1. While engaging the services of an Artist, you shall maintain working conditions that are free of harassment by taking adequate steps to ensure the Artist is not subject to sexual advances, actions, or comments, racial discrimination, religious discrimination, or inappropriate jokes and comments that would have the effect of putting the Artist at discomfort or unease.
  2. You shall also refrain from requiring Artists to perform for excessive or odd hours, unless the Artist has agreed in advance at the time of Booking.
  3. You shall authorize The Company to inspect the premises (if need be) on which the Performance is to take place to ensure suitable working conditions for the Artist


  1. The safety of Artists, their personnel and equipment is of vital importance to the Company. You are expected to ensure the health and safety of Artists and staff, and strive to adhere to all health and safety regulation, and exercise extreme caution in case performances include the use of pyrotechnics, and ensure fire safety.
  2. You shall be absolutely responsible and must be committed to ensuring the health and safety of Artists while they are engaged in performances on your personal property, office premises, hired venues, or any other determined location.
  3. You shall ensure access to potable water as well as sanitary bathroom facilities for the Artist while the Artist is engaged his/her services.


  1. When a Performance is cancelled, you shall take all reasonable steps to notify the Company as soon as practicable.
  2. In case an occurrence that fundamentally affects the execution or continuance of an event that is out of the control of The Company or the Artist, such as technical failures, logistical failures, or offensive behavior towards the Artist, you shall not seek a refund of Performance Fee.
  3. During an event, you are responsible for ensuring the safety and protection of the Artists interests. This duty extends to acts done by you, your employees, as well as any others that put the health, safety, or interests of the Artist at risk.